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Specialty Paper, Film & Tape Products & Solutions

Cheever Specialty Paper & Film has been designing, sourcing and inventorying specialty paper, film and tape for manufacturing and packaging industries for 75 years. We help our customers achieve trouble-free processing, quality certification or competitive advantage outcomes and often all three. 

Our mission is always to add value to our goods and services by working to achieve our customer goals. Our deliverable is high-quality specialty paper, film and tape products that improve our customer’s products and packaging delivered on time. Plus, with our Customer Hold Inventory Program, you not only get your product same day or within 2 days, we can hold your inventory for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days eliminating your Inventory carrying costs. We invite you to look around at the specialty products we offer or call us to receive a technical consultation on a specific problem you are seeking to solve.

Specialty Papers
Specialty paper products customized with coatings or properties used in manufacturing & packaging.
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Release Paper and Liners
Our extensive knowledge in the Release Liner industry, has enabled us to understand what goes into the making of a Release liner.
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Specialty Film
Over 100 variations of Specialty film & siliconized release films that help improve product processing & value-add properties.
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Specialty Tapes
Specialty tapes for bonding, sealing, assembly & protective applications in manufacturing & packaging.
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Commercial Packaging Machines
Commercial packaging machines, supplies & tapes from the basics to custom solutions for any industry packaging need.
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Customer Inventory Hold Program
Eliminate up-front cash requirements for inventory, reduce 25-40% of your inventory holding costs & eliminate inventory cash flow peaks & valleys.
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Supplying Your Industry

For more than 75 years we have been supplying Specialty Paper, Film and Tape for our customers. We have customers in the following industries: Automotive, Building & Construction, Farming & Agriculture, Food & Beverages, Graphic & Photographic, Home & Personal Care and Medical. Within all these industries we are holding our customers Inventory as well. At Cheever, we have the industry knowledge and longevity to logistically and smartly partner with you to help you find that special piece of Paper, Film or tape for whatever industry you excel in.

We have a saying around Cheever - “Trust but Verify” - meaning yes Trust us, but hold us to high standards and Verify we have lived up to what we promised. We wouldn’t want it any other way.