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NEW - Medical Marijuana Paper

We at Cheever have embraced the Medical Marijuana industry.  We have been working with the labs, growers and dispensaries to help build their brand.  This has included all the different papers that go into the various extracting methods.   We have over 25 years working with the major mills producing Parchment paper.  

Helping You Build Your Brand - Parchment Squares

We have been asked by several customers, how to get their branding on various papers.  One of the most common right now is Parchment.  We can provide a Silicone coated  parchment paper.  This can also be cut to squares in various sizes from 4”x4” to 12”x12” and every size in between.

Silicone Coated Baking Papers

This is a great alternative to Parchment paper.  This is a Kraft paper that has a special silicone coating that allows this be see temperature of 425 degrees F for 30 minutes.    Where it has the Silicone coating this will act just like Silicone coated parchment so perfect for Dabs, oil extractions, etc..

Glassine Envelopes 

Other items have been envelops in various sizes to hold buds etc..   A common size is our small 2” x 2” Glassine envelope.  Glassine is super smooth, almost opaque paper that can provide a moisture barrier and the ability for items not to stick to it.   Click here for other uses of Glassine.   

Packaging and Printing

We have some very special packaging designers and manufactures that we work with that deal in just about any type of Paper and Film for packaging.  

A Point on Volume

So this is a big one for everyone where the industry is just starting to take off.  Almost everything we do at Cheever is “Specialty”, meaning it is custom made just for a customer which means we don’t have just items in stock.  We work directly with the mills and try to get the best volume for your project.   But first we will always try and provide samples of the product so you can test and at least get you close to your final product. 

Helping Mesothelioma Cancer Patients

At Cheever we just can't ignore the press that Medical Marijuana has received and the benefits it has brougt to the Cancer world.  A recent cancer patient has reached out to us at Cheever and asked if we could spread the word about the huge benefits Medical Marijuana has brought to the fight with mesothelioma, an aggresive cancer with a very poor prognosis.
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