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NEW - Grape Paper

What is Grape Paper you are asking? 
A truly unique paper that is made from post waste of the grapes that are used in Wine making.    
Cheever is constantly working to find unique, eco-friendly and highly green paper products.  Grape Paper is just this!   We have partnered exclusively with the maker of this handmade patented Grape Paper as well as some other unique papers. 
The Problem We Are Solving:
We are transforming a vicious circle (of logging trees for paper) to a virtuous circle (upcycling / recycling organic waste) by producing 100% tree free paper & adding income to producers of the waste.
These products are part of circular economy, sustainable, natural and unique in terms of design and creative value.
1) Grape paper
Grape paper is handmade and hand crafted paper using upcycled and recycled textile and vineyard waste. Textile waste is obtained from cotton waste by shredding waste denim material and cloth. Grape waste or pomace comes from the vineyards by virtue of the wine making process. In our efforts to make handmade and crafted paper cotton waste and pomace are mixed in a ratio of 60:40 attaining its current well balanced texture and smoothness. Ratios of pomace and cotton waste are manipulated to give the desired texture as per clients specification. This is produced using  100% cotton paper without any percentage composition of pomace as well.
Grape Paper is produced in size of 20" X 30" from 80 gsm - 450 gsm
2) Sugarcane paper
Different Natural Colors Of Grape and Sugar PaperSugarcane paper is made in the similar manner as Grape paper with cotton waste being the common element. Sugarcane waste collected from sugarcane farms and used in manufacture process in a similar process to Grape Paper. Cotton and sugarcane waste mixed in ratio of 60:40, 100% sugarcane paper production has not been tested mainly due the expected texture and extreme uneven surface.
Size: 20" X 30" from 80 gsm to 450 gsm 
All papers manufactured use cotton waste as the common source ingredient
Markets and Users of Grape Paper
  1. Wine Makers/Vineyards: Reuse waste from a wine vineyard to manufacture retail products sold at the vineyard’s Cellar doors or through their channels.  Examples would be:
    1. Bags for holding wine bottles – printed with the vineyard’s branding and marketing
    2. Calendars
    3. Diaries
    4. Canisters for wine bottles, either 1 or 2 bottles.   This is where we are wrapping a tin canister with Grape Paper that has the specific marketing and branding printed on the paper for that customer.
    5. Coasters – Branded coasters is a large and stable market
  2. Gift Boxes – This is in the Niche and Luxury segment.
  3. Paper transformers \ converters
  4. Manufacturers of paper bags and non - rigid luxury packing
  5. Manufacturers of stationary products
  6. Design studios and branding agencies focused on corporate communications and corporate social responsibility
  7. Distributors of Specialty Paper
  8. Industry exhibitions (wine fairs, Packing Innovations, Olympia Exhibitions, ProWein, etc. to name a few)
  9. Companies targeting a reduction in their carbon footprint.
If you are looking for a truly unique, and 100% Eco-friendly solution to set your brand apart, these hand-made natural papers are your solution.
Please contact Cheever to review your project.  We are passionate about this paper and the unique benefits it can bring to your brand, we love hearing from customers on their ideas and making them become reality.

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