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Transfer Paper

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Transfer Paper used for Architects

Transfer Paper or more commonly known as Heat Transfer Paper, has been around for many years being utilized in fabrics and Arts and Crafts of all kinds. An ink-jet or other suitable printer is used to print an image on paper. Afterwards a heat press can transfer the illustration onto garments, canvas or other like surfaces. Transfer paper is used in applying iron-on patches with the use of heat and pressure.

There is a wide range and distinctive types of Heat Transfer Paper that we can work with you to define your next project, all while giving you the option of having us hold Inventory for you. Below are some of our offerings and where they are commonly used. Please contact us for just a quick question or to discuss your new project - we are listening!!

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Transfer Paper Grades

Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

Least "hand" or feel, easiest to use. Can be used for transferring for white and dark fabrics, stretch, synthetic  performance sport fabrics.

Laser jet Heat Transfer Paper

Used in Hot Peel and Hand Iron applications, mugs, tiles, glass, ceramic, wood, metal tiles.

Dye Sublimation

For white or light tone fabrics, natural fabrics such as wool, linen, silk, sportswear and swimming suits

Offset Heat Transfer Paper

High volume production, books, promotions

Applications and Industries of Transfer Paper


With so much of the clothing industry made up a t-shirts, sweatshirts, canvas bags, hats and promotional clothing, this is a large market for Heat transfer paper being  used to make these products.

Promotional Items

Inkjet heat transfer paper is used in the making of promotional items: mouse pads, leather binders, coffee mugs



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