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Specialty Paper, Film & Tape Products & Solutions

Cheever Specialty Paper, Film & Tape Products & Solutions

Cheever Speciality Paper is the one-stop-shop for buyers of specialty paper, film and tape. With over 75 years experience, we are the experts at delivering cost-effective supply chain solutions for industry.

With Cheever Specialty Paper you never have to compromise on performance or price. Our mission is to draw on the best equipment and expertise for your specific needs, helping you to gain more control and choice across all steps of the specialty paper, film and tape procurement process: Design and Engineering, Manufacturing, Support, and Inventory.

The Cheever Hold Inventory Program™ is your solution for inventory cost savings with zero supply interruption. We offer free financing for quarterly inventory, providing an on-demand supply of specialty paper, film, or tape. Learn more. 

  • Cost advantage savings with free financing for quarterly inventory. We hold up to 3-month inventory, releasing shipments on-demand. You pay only for the inventory released in each shipment.
  • You maintain full control. Intelligent software that allows you instant access to daily inventory by logging into your account on our website. You maintain the same amount of control you would have in your own warehouse.
  • Save up to 40%. Thanks to our inventory management system we can help you reduce overall financing and shipping inventory costs, eliminating any inventory cash flow peaks and valleys. 

Specialty Papers
Create new and superior performance products with Cheever specialty paper. Customized coatings and functional design for manufacturing and packaging use across industry.
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Release Paper and Liners
Get high-performance silicone release papers and liners. From a very easy release of 30 to a tight release of 500, Cheever excels at designing the perfect combination of materials for any application.
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Specialty Film
Improve product processing and value-add properties with over 100 variations of specialty film and siliconized release films.
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Specialty Tapes
Revolutionize your packaging. Specialty tape for bonding, sealing, assembly and protective applications in manufacturing and packaging.
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Commercial Packaging Machines
Deliver more. Commercial packaging machines, equipment and supplies for every industry packaging need.
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