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Specialty Paper & Film for Food & Beverage Applications

Used for everything from release liners to packaging, the paper and film for this industry need to be food-grade and safe for consumption but also need to be durable enough to withstand the applications. Depending on its use, the paper or film needs to hold up against moisture, heat, steam, and other conditions.
Cheever Specialty Paper & Film supplies a range of paper and film for the food & beverage industry.

Specialty Paper and Film for Food & Beverage Packaging

Food packaging needs specialized film and paper withstand moisture, heat, and weight, depending on the application.
For applications like rotisserie chicken, an anti-fog coating is used on the packaging lids to prevent steam from affecting the transparency of the packing film. Whether you need ice cream cartons or packaging bags for nuts, the packaging should be durable, but still attractive to customers.
Cheever Specialty supplies a variety of high quality, effective film for packaging manufacturers. For certain, high-volume applications, we can also provide full manufacturing services.

Cup Stock Specialty Paper

For fast-food restaurants and other food & beverage locations, the drink cups are often made from specialty cup stock with an added polyethylene coating that makes it durable against moisture.
Cheever Specialty Paper & Film is an all-in-one supplier of cup stock for food & beverage applications. We offer cup stock paper in various sizes with a polyethylene coating already added, making them durable and cost-effective.

Food & Beverage Applications for Specialty Paper & Film

Other uses of specialty paper and film for the food & beverage industry include:
  • Printed laminates for ice cream, frozen foods, baked goods, and more
  • Extrusion coated packaging for bread & flour packaging, dehydrated & dried food packaging, and more
  • Reclosable bags and stand-up pouches with printing and design
  • Corrugated trays
  • Case linings for shipping protection, grease staining, and moisture

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We work closely with our customers to provide the right solution for your paper or film needs. We supply a range of specialty paper and film and have decades of experience to find the right product for your specifications.

To learn more about our specialty paper and film for the food & beverage industry, contact us today or request a quote.