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NP5000X Fully Automatic High Speed Cross-Strapping Machine

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The NP5000X is specifically designed with Newspapers in mind, it is the newest “Downtime Eliminator “ in the Dynaric family. Totally built to keep up with today’s faster printing machines. The NP5000X is a High Speed Newspaper Cross-Strapping Machine The NP5000X handles variable bundles with ease due to, variable speed conveyor, extra wide conveyor belts, bundle conditioning system and a soft clamp compression. We didn’t forget about service and maintenance with these features : quick release heater blade, removable body panels, AC servo motor system, pre-lubricated gripper system, one-piece arch track and easily removable body panels. Designed to be super user friendly, we added a 5.6” graphic display screen that utilized touch screen technology, end of strap sensor, an easy strap feeding system and a quick-change dispenser system. The NP5000X has a compact design, superior performance and outstanding reliability for both Inserting and ROP operations. The NP5000X is capable of 45 bundles per minute, single strapped, regardless of bundle height -it is built for high speed!. With over 25 years of experience in the newspaper industry, this system is built for today’s newspaper industry.
  • Capable of applying 50 bundles per minute due to Servo drive technology
  • 5mm, 6mm or 1/4" strapping material accepted
  • To assist in troubleshooting minor problems as well as Identify the operational status of the unit, an External operator interface with Touch Screen Technology is supplied
  • Maintenance and cleaning are easy with locking, sliding & removable panels
  • Greater tension control for different size bundles due to wider tension range.
  • To help in preventative maintenance a Quick release heater blade easy access has been added.
  • Proper release of small bundles is guaranteed due to Small Bundle Strap ejection device
  • Low bundle sensor automatic tension adjustment for various bundle sizes
  • Eliminating possible damage to other mailroom equipment a recessed air regulator has been added
  • Efficient compact design Minimizes required floor space due to efficient compact design
  • Prior to strapping the Bundle Condition System squares up bundles
  • Maintenance costs are kept low due to minimal number of moving parts and increases reliability
  • Environmentally safe and low maintenance due to Oil-less air system
  • To help in eliminating strap jams an End of Strap sensor alerts the user that the strap coil is running low.
  • Easy loading and unloading of strap coils with quick change dispenser
  • Easily interface to existing conveyor speeds by using the variable speed conveyor
  • Uniform compression for bundle contour is achieved with Soft clamp compression
  • Interfaces with both up and down stream equipment have built in interlock
  • Football shaped bundles are handled due to extra wide conveyor belts which help in providing positive handling
  • Gripper assembly maintenance are schedule at two million cycles due to Pre-lubricated gripper assembly
  • Adapts to various height conveyor systems by having an adjustable height table
  • Six month warranty on parts and labor
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  • Overall Width: 29.0" (736mm)
  • Overall Length: 61 .4" (1559mm)
  • Overall Height: 70.9" - 76.0" (1800 - 1930mm)
  • Conveyor Height: 31.5" - 36.6" (800 - 930mm)*
  • Strap Size: 6mm ( mm optional)*
  • Weight: 1190 lbs (540 kg)
  • Operation: Electro-pneumatic
  • Electrical Requirements: Approximately 1.5 kW
  • Air Requirement: 22.3 CFM @ 87 PSI
  • Sealing Method: Heat Seal