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NP7000 Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

High Speed Strapping Machine Designed for the Newspaper Industry The NP7000 Newspaper Bundle Strapper is packed with capabilities. Auto-adjust tensioning, side and press squeeze parameters can be setup for bundle throughput of 48 bundles per minute for ROP which provides a maximum bundle conditioning for INSERT bundles. With operator selectable preset ROP and INSERT bundle functions enables machine programming via the SMART Touch control combined with direct drive servo motors.
  • Capacity: Up To 45 bundles/minute
  • Conveyor Speed: Adj. up to 197 ft/min (60 m/min)
  • Strap Coil: Max. Width: 9" (228.6mm)
  • Power Supply: 120V - 480V
  • Strap Tension: Max. 73.0 lbs. (325 N)
  • Power Consumption: 0.35 kW
  • Weight: 836 lbs. (380 Kg)
  • Sealing Method: Heat Seal
  • From 30”- 39” adjustable machine conveyor height to accommodate production line
  • When conveyors tables are opened, safety switches disables machine operation
  • Will minimizes downtime in adverse packaging conditions as well as maximizes machine reliability
  • Offers reliable strap control
  • Side compression and Soft clamp condition bundle prior to strapping
  • Controls strap tension for large and small bundles automatically
  • Setup and operation is easy due to the operator friendly control panel
  • To accommodate bundle condition and required through put is provided via the Easily adjustable touch panel
  • Access to machine performance data and operation
  • Preset bundle selection is customizable
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