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NP7000 PRO Fully Automatic High Speed Plastic Strapping Machine

(NP7000 PRO)
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Fully Automatic High Tension Strapping Machine. The NP7000 Pro is a high speed (up to 36 bundles per minute) strapping system for today’s demanding industry. The NP7000 Pro is designed to be user friendly by equipping the machine with a smart touch - icon control display, end of strap sensor , quick change dispenser system, and an easy strap feeding system. Machine maintenance is made easy by a newly designed arch track, a pre-lubricated gripper system, removable body panels, and a quick release heater blade. The NP7000 Pro handles bundle variables with ease due to its soft clamp compression, variable speed conveyor, narrow spaced conveyor belts, and a bundle-conditioning system. Using GreenTech technology the NP7000 Pro operates using 50% less power while continuing to provide superior performance and outstanding reliability.
Technical Resources
  • Constant strap control - ASLF 'Anti-Strap-Loss-Function
  • Strap width 5mm – 9mm, adjustable
  • Automatic discharge of remaining strap due to Strap End Detection system
  • Stainless steel guides installed on the Wear-free Strap-frame
  • Stepless automatic strap tensioning
  • DAT ‘Direct-Access-Technology’
  • Avoids strap jam due to the Exclusive Eject function
  • Adjustable Torque controlled strap tension
  • Downstream and Upstream interlocks with complete plug connection
  • MFT ‘Mono-Frame-Technology’
  • Adjustable conveyor speed steplessly
  • GreenTech, low power consumption
  • Ethernet/USB plug-ins for production data analysis
  • Safe with out protection doors - SAO ‘Safe and Open’
  • Icon control with SMART Touch Technology
  • Wear-free direct-drive-motors that save on energy
  • Yellow indicator lamp for strap coil detection
  • Overall Width: 55.9" (1420mm)
  • Capacity: Up To 36 bundles/minute
  • Overall Length: 23.9" (608mm)
  • Overall Height: 72.1" - 81.1" (1831 - 2061mm)
  • Conveyor Speed: .65 - 3.28 f/s (0.20 – 1.0 m/s)
  • Power Supply: 380 - 550V 3,AC; 47- 63 Hz
  • Weight: 836 lbs. (380 Kg)
  • Power Consumption: .35 kW
  • Sealing Method: Heat Seal