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ST1SS Fully Automatic Stainless Steel Strapping Machine

The ST1SS was designed for the Harsh Packaging Environments of the Seafood, Poultry and Meat Industries Improve production by reducing the downtime associated with your present strapper's For packaging products in wet and cold environments, the ST1SS joins the Dynaric’s line of highly successful stainless steel strapping machines already being used in these industries. The ST1SS joins Dynaric's line of highly successful stainless steel strapping machines already being supplied to companies packaging products in wet cold environments. The ST1SS is available with the optional package compression and package stops. As well as variable speed power table conveyor belts. The ST1SS is capable of strapping 35 single strapped packages per minute with strap sizes ranging from 5mm to 9mm wide. By using Dynaric’s more cost efficient XL strapping, processors and manufactures can realize costs savings of 10-25% due to the ability to run at higher production speeds.
  • Overall Width: 23.9" (608mm)
  • Table Height: 32.8" (834mm)
  • Overall Height: 63.6" (1617mm)
  • Cycle Time: 45 cycles / min.
  • Strap Size: 5mm - 9mm
  • Weight: 825 lbs (374 kg)
  • Tension: Ultrasonic package sensing system with stepless adjustment of tension force
  • Seal Head Location: Bottom
  • Mobility: 2 swivel and 2 fixed casters
  • Sealing Method: Heat Seal
  • Power: 220 or 440 Volt 3 Phase
  • Fully automatic strapping machine with photo eyes and up /down stream interlocks and variable speed table belt conveyor
  • High speed through put of up to 35 single strapped packages per minute
  • Can apply multiple, double and single straps per package
  • “Jam Free” technology
  • Operator friendly control panel
  • Easy automatic strap feed and reefed
  • Sensing system to detect end of strap
  • External coil for ease of coil change
  • Unique XL strap coil system
  • Quick release strap dispenser to minimize downtime during coil changes
  • Cost efficient strap sizes: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm & 9mm
  • Stainless steel cabinet with bottom splashguard
  • Corrosion resistant and Stainless steel and components
  • Cold temperature Equipped
  • To assist with package closure and conditioning an Optional single platen compression bar
  • To ensure precise strap placement we offer an optional Package stops
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