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Anti-Virus Film

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Anti-Virus Pouch
Both Silver and Copper are two materials there are used to stop the prevention as well as kill viruses.
These materials will kill viruses by 99.94% after 30 minutes.
Fact checking
  • Anti-bacterial products can be effective in deactivating various bacteria such as E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Cheever is the only certified PET products to eradicate both viruses and bacteria, effectively.
  • Our film eradicates 99.9% of the VIRUS & BACTERIA such as COVID-19, SARS, MERS within 30 minutes.FAQ For Antivirus Film for Copper and Silver based Film
What Sets It Apart
The only anti-virus
films certified by ISO 21702
  • Tested at Fonderephar in France and Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center in Japan
  • The only PET based film certified by ISO 21702
Robust effect
on anti-virus and bacteria
  • Contains more silver
  • Thicker than other silver film products (e.g,105mc vs 60mc)
A variety of product portfolio
  • Distributes both silver and copper-based products
  • Developed world first silver-coloured films
  • A wide range of the application at home, hospitals, offices, schools, shopping centers, and public facilities
Excellent durability
  • Protected from external shocks and scratches effectively
  • Surfaces are processed coating with hardness of 3H
High transparency
and anti-glare
  • The high transmissivity assures excellent transparency and vividness.
Effective anti-fingerprint
and anti-shatter
  • The special coating eases removal of fingerprints or oil stains and protects users from damages
One and only PET-based
anti-virus film
  • PET is eco-friendly, safe to humans and recyclable while PVC emits dioxin when it is incinerated.
  • PET maintains clear and clean status, but PVC becomes decolourised.

FAQ For Antivirus Film for Copper and Silver based Film

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