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Anti-Virus Film

Anti-Virus Film Click to Enlarge
Anti-Virus Adhesive Sheet
Anti-Virus Film - Kills Corona Virus
There are only two types of films officially accepted as anti-virus film globally: Copper (Cu) and Silvernano type. Please see the link:
However, the use of Silvernao type is sharply lessening nowadays due to health safety concerns. Please see the link below.
Cheever has partnered with the leader of Copper based Film that Kills the Corona Virus after 30 minutes.  This film in made in Korea. Copper has been proven to stop the Corona Virus in a laboratory test conducted by University of Seoul.  The Copper is actually part of the film, not just a coating that can ware off. 
This is a Peel-n-Stick film offered in small retail size rolls as well as A4 sheet size.
Additional Information from the non-profit organization Copper Development Association Inc. Click Here
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  • Prevention of Cross Infection
  • Harmless to the Human Body
  • Authorized by Test Lab
  • Semi-permanent Usage
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Cleaning the film will not effects its efficacy.
  • Elevator Buttons, Grocery Cart Handles, Doorknobs, Remote Control
  • Any Touchable Device – Airport Kiosk, Bank ATM, (not for cellphone type applications)
  • Desk Cover – Viruses are transmitted through droplets.  Many office workers and students are at risk, by covering all desk and working surfaces helps to eliminate and diminish contacting the Virus on your body.
  • Restaurant Surfaces – Guest tables, arms of chairs, benches,
Technical Data: Dimension and Sizing:
  • Rolls: 15.75” Wide x 16’ or 32’ feet
  • Sold by Case: 15 rolls per case
  • Sold by Case:  Sheets: A4 Size (8.25” x 11.75”) – 5 Sheets per pack, 20 packs per box, 6 boxes per Case.
  • Master Roll: 48” Wide x 4,000’ feet, 3” Core
  • Polyolefin based film with copper powder dispersed
  • Kills 99.94% of virus and bacteria with 30 mins
  • Kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria within 4 hours
  • 6mil Thick
  • Color – Light copper in color, clear to see through to read text, pictures etc.
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