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Polystyrene Film (BOPS / OPS)

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Rolls of Polystyrene Film

This film is light, strong and durable. The films we offer in this area are BOPS / OPS. Due to the superb stiffness and transparency, BOPS films and sheets are mainly used for thermoforming and shrink film products. They have excellent transparency, high thermoforomability and superb printability.

With so many benefits of using Polystyrene, we can work with you to define your next project, all while giving you the option of having us hold Inventory for you. Below are some of our offerings and where they are commonly used. Please contact us for just a quick question or to discuss your new project - we are listening!!

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Polystyrene Film Grades

BOPS - Biaxially oriented polystyrene
OPS  - Oriented polystyrene

Advantages of BOPS/OPS Film

Superb clarity, spark and gloss
High rigidity, tear resistance
Low specific gravity, 1.05 g/cm³
Low processing costs
Very good anti-static ability
Silicone coating - easier mold removal and stack nesting/denesting
Can be Decorative by: metallization, master batch coloring

Application/Industry Area

Used for the window in various sized envelops or packaging.
Food and Beverage
Used in food industry for its insulating benefits, packaging has high gloss, environmentally preferable for many reasons also including its light weight. This film can be silicone coated as well as with an anti-fog coating.
When you had your Tea this morning, the tea bag you threw away was made from a nonwoven. The benefit here is, the tea bag is very strong when wet. The same for coffee filters. When these nonwovens are layered upon themselves, a precise tensile strength can be produced. Other common uses: Baby bibs, cosmetic applicators, vacuum cleaner bags, laundry dryer sheets, floor dusting cloths, cheese wrap.
Protection for the display screens, dash board components in the automotive industry.
150 - 800
40 - 1600 mm

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