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Non Silicone Release Liner Paper

Non-Silicone release paper can be used in applications depending on the adhesive being used.  Some of these papers like Glassine has a very smooth finish to the touch and with a light gloss, which could make a nice release liner in some label application for example.

We thrive at the challenge of finding the “right” combination of materials for your next project. With Silicone and Non-Silicone Release Paper and Liner, we have so many different choices to help you solve these decisions, all while giving you the option of having us hold Inventory for you. Below are some of our offerings and where they are commonly used. All though the list is not all inclusive so please contact us for just a quick question or to discuss your new project - we are listening!!

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Most Popular Non Silicone Release Liner Paper Grades

Super Calendered Kraft (SCK)

This type of paper is highly used as a release liner due to its hardness, smoothness, caliper consistency. The properties are achieved by taking Kraft paper it running it through a Calendar stack which produces a very lay flat paper that is very dense with a closed surface.

Clay Coated

Is a Kraft paper that has a coating of clay.   The advantage is with the clay coating it can withstand high temperatures and has good dimensional stability.


Has a high degree of density (highly smooth) and offers an optimal surface for silicone coating or with out. Also is very good for die cutting due to its very narrow caliper tolerances.

Applications and Industries of Non Silicone Release Liner Paper

Label Stock

The label industry is one of the largest users of silicone release paper. It is used to protect the print on the face-stock from the adhesive on a label. Release liner labels are used in point-of-sale labeling, primary labels for the food and cosmetics industries and business system labels. Other uses are for functional and security labels on machinery and industry equipment.

Functional Coatings

A functional coating can be described as a “layer” over the substrate which could be paper/PE/film. This layer is providing a protection from the elements – rain, static, heat, slip/grip, absorption. One use of this in taking a Kraft paper coated with a cold seal adhesive. This enables to seal and wrap items without the use of tape or glue. It will form a strong bond at room temperature only when pressed together. Used in corrugated boards, for protecting put together do-it-yourself furniture and automotive parts.

Non Silicone Release Liner Paper TECHNICAL DATA


25# - 120#
3" - 100" + CUSTOM WIDTHS

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