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Specialty Paper Products

Cheever specialty paper products are foremost durable, functional and printable. To meet specific manufacturing processing or packaging applications required by our customers,  the specialty paper we supply is often customized with coatings or release properties. 

Specialty paper starts with Kraft paper requiring a particular coating or release capability on one or both sides of the paper. Whether it is glassine paper, parchment paper, waxed or greaseproof paper we offer varied weights, width and gauge to meet your needs. 

Many customers require this specialty paper to accept printing which we can accommodate as well. Our forte is providing a customized specialty paper that meets your processing requirements. We invite you to work with us to create solutions to meet your specifications and performance requirements. 
Kraft Paper
Kraft Paper
Is your current specialty paper product giving your production team headaches? We can add technical experience and design a custom product for you that will improve product processing efficiency and performance to give you a competitive edge.

Want or need to replace PVC or Styrene with a renewable fiber-based alternative for a more green sustainable solution? We can help you create the perfect replacement solution for your commercial application.

How Cheever Specialty Products Are Different

  1. Our Products Originate with the Global Leaders in the Paper, Film and Tape industries. 
  2. Independent Specialty Paper and Film Sourcing with global reach, ensuring our customers will get the best product for their particular need, not just the product we have in stock. 
  3. We Partner to Engineer Customized Product that provide a competitive edge.
  4. Free Product Samples – We are happy to provide free samples of our products for validation or certification.
Below you will find a wide assortment of specialty paper products for specific applications. With so many different specialty papers and the customizable options available, should you need assistance in selecting the specialty paper that will best address your specific application need please contact us.
waxed paper   liner board  
sbs board
butcher paper freezer paper Silicone Release Paper & Liner
silicone release paper
grease proof paper foil paper

Super Calendared Kraft (SCK) Papersuper calendared kraft paper

transfer paper non silicone release paper
glassine paper
bleached Kraft paper

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